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Information for Parents

At Panda Bear Childcare/Pre-School, LLC in Joliet, IL, we encourage you to find out all you can about the childcare centers or other home based childcare facilities you are considering for your child. We know how important it is to find the perfect place for your little one to encourage their development. Find out more about our childcare services by browsing this part of our website for menus, holidays, our awards/accreditations, FAQs, and much more.

Snapshots of Our Childcare Facility

Unique Advantages of Our Learning Facility:

  • Reliable, reputable, reasonably priced
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Nurturing/personal interest
  • Morals, values and manners are taught and expressed
  • Family oriented
  • Smaller group size
  • Socialization with children in the same and other age groups
  • Fewer cases of illness since the children are exposed to fewer children
  • Bonds are established
  • Back-up care lS provided
  • More flexible for drop-off/pick-up times/schedules
  • Ample supervision
  • More natural/has similar surroundings to home
  • Secured entrance
  • Staff members are trained in Early Childhood Education, with continuing education
  • Exposed to an educationally enriched curriculum
  • Structured, school-like environment
  • Limited enrollment
  • Personally owned and operated
  • Just to name a few
Preschool Teacher and Cute Girl Having Fun Time Playing — Childcare Services  in Joliet,IL

Sample Of Our Monthly Menu

BK – Toast
CerealWaffleFrench Toast
FruitFruitFruit Juice
Fruit Juice
LN – Chkn Nugts
Baked Vies
Mac & Chse
Trky Sand
Chs & Sg Pizza
CornPeasFrt Cocktail
Mxd Vegtbles
Mand Oranges
BreadCarrotsGrn Beans
SK – Grham Ckrs
PreztelsGranola Bar
GoldfishVanilla Wafers

Fruit is served in season or canned in natural juice.

100% juice is always served.


Sample of Our Monthly Menu (Infants 6 Weeks – 12 Months)

Breakfast: Milk, Cereal, Fruit/Vegetable
Lunch: Milk, Cereal, Fruit/Vegetable
Snack: Milk/Juice, Bread/Alternate

We use Great Start infant formula 100% juice is always served.
Cereal — Childcare Services  in Joliet,IL

Our Childcare Facility Holidays

Concepts Introduced Throughout the Year (based on ability)
Closed, federal holiday
New Year's Day
January 1st
OptionalMartin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
January 18th, 3rd Monday
President's Day
February 15th, 3rd Monday
Closed, personal day
Good Friday
Closed, federal holiday
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
Closed, federal holiday JULY
Independence Day
July 4th
Closed, federal holiday
Labor Day
1st Monday in September
Columbus Day
2nd Monday in October
Veteran's Day
November 11th
Closed, federal holiday
4th Thursday in November
Closed, personal day
Day after Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving
Closed, vacation DECEMBER
Christmas Week

Childcare Awards & Accreditation

  • Licensed by the State of Illinois
  • Infant/child/adult CPR certificate
  • Infant/child/adult 1st aid certificate
  • Degreed in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate in Special Education
  • PHI THETA KAPPA society member
  • Was awarded NAFCC (National Association For Child Care) Accreditation Credential
  • Was a NAFCC (National Association For Family Care) Validator
  • Chosen Valedictorian in Early Childhood Education at Prairie State College
  • Master Provider certificate
  • Mentor for Child Care Resource & Referral in Will County, Illinois
  • Food Handler certificate
  • 30+ years in business
Through our 3O+ years of being in business, Panda Bear Childcare/Pre-School, LLC has been issued many awards and accreditations. But, the only award and accreditation we truly treasure is the smile we see and the laughter we hear throughout the day. With that smile and laughter, we know that we are doing our job!


  • Phi Theta Kappa Society
  • Will County Childcare Association
  • Association for Child Development
  • Gateways to Opportunity
  • Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
  • National Association for Family Child Care
  • Illinois Daycare Providers United
  • Home Daycare Providers
  • Providers World

Our Daycare/Pre-School FAQ

When can we see the daycare or schedule an interview?
Does Panda Bear Childcare/Pre-School, LLC have a security system?
What if my child is sick or gets sick during the day?
Do I still have to pay tuition if my child is absent?
What about SCHEDULED vacations?
ls there a minimum number of days/hours my child can attend per week?
Are you closed for holidays?
How do we know if Panda Bear Childcare/Pre-School, LLC needs to close for some reason?
Does my child need to be potty trained?
What if my child does not take a nap?
What provisions will be made for food allergies?
Do you take the children on field trips?
I know we already thanked you in persona and by card, but I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done for my family. You’ve know D and I both long enough to recognize that neither of us would necessarily excel as “stay-at-home” parents. Luckily, we’re both self-aware enough to realize that. Thanks to some stringent research by a friend seven years ago, we were lucky enough to be made aware of Panda Bear Daycare, and our interview with you led both D and I to conclude that it was worth enrolling baby A, at least on a “trial basis.”

Little did we know that, not only would A stay with you until she left for school, but that we would embark on a 7-year relationship with you and Panda Bear Daycare. Over the years, I have recommended Panda Bear to friends and strangers, and when I do, I always note that you don’t just make sure the children are safe, and that they are fed and kept clean, but you challenge them educationally and provide real structure for them. I received compliments on all three of my kids fairly often, and although I usually take full credit for my parenting skills, I know that much of their intelligence, courtesy and ability to communicate was nurtured by you and your assistants.

A, J and T all consider you to be part of our family, and although they will tend to forget the tinngs they did and learned between the ages of 0 and 4, they will always look back at “Marikaye’s” as a good place; as the place where they had fun, friends to play with, and projects to do. D and I came to you as clueless new parents, but even then I couldn’t imagine a greater compliment to pay to any human being than to say that you trust them with your child’s life. As a father who has gained some hard-won experience, I still believe that is true. Please accept my most sincere thanks for watching over my children when we couldn’t. We will never forget your efforts.

I can’t believe my kids have been with you for seven years! We truly appreciate everything you have done for them. They are great kids and you have been a big part of that. We wanted to get something for the daycare to say thanks – but we figured you would be the best person to pick that out. So, please accept our token of thanks.

Thanks so much!
D-Mom, T-Dad, A, J, and T
Miss Mari,
Words cannot express how blessed and thankful we are to have you in our lives.
We love and appreciate everything every day you do for our boys. We love and appreciate your teaching and guiding them when we are not able to be there.

For this we are truly grateful.
Thank you again for everything Ms Mary.
You are a rare find!

Love – N- Hugs,
L-Mom, R-Dad, P and N
There are not enough words to express how thankful we all are to have found you as a caregiver for R. You have come to be so much more to all of us. You have definitely been someone C and I could trust to always give R the same love, care and respect that we would as parents. As parents, to have that type of piece of mind when it comes to your child means more than anything. When R come home and tells us all the new things he has learned, it reminds us what a good choice we hav made. He talks about you like you are family! When home for a few days, he tells us how he misses you!

Again, we really cannot say enough! We ae more than grateful!

S-Mom, C-Dad, R
Thank you for everything. Your love, friendship and affection never went unnoticed.
This is not a good-bye!!!

A-Mom, N-Dad, J and E

Find the Right Childcare Services

The staff at our facility is completely dedicated to the care and education of your child. If you're looking for pre-school or childcare programs that will instill the love of learning in your little one, be sure to come to us! Your child will feel safe, secure and ready to learn in our home-based childcare facility. For more information, we invite you to contact us today!
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